Monday, October 9, 2017

Our Lady of Victory and our feast day party

 So my mom suggested we visit this cool basilica in Lackawanna, NY. We were too late for the museum but the priest who started it all- Fr. Baker is on the road to sainthood. He is entombed there.
 This was such an overwhemingly beautiful church. My pictures do not do it justice. And with Our Lady's feast day around the corner the timing was perfect. Those who follow my blog know we always seem to find a church to visit. This would be our second major basilica we have visited on a vacation.

This is an outdoor walkway ceiling..

Check out the rams in the middle.

The stations of the cross were amazing!

This is the altar.

Lucky for us we saw St. Therese- we tried to visit her in Canada but it started pouring rain before we could make it to the shrine. It was cool because I was startled when I saw her statue suddenly, some of you may know what I mean by that. And with her feast day so close that was very special too.

So I had to zoom in and screen shot my photo of that statue at the top of the outside of the church.  That's our Lady of Victory who's feast was Saturday. Remember the battle of Lepanto? And it was 1st Saturday, and then Columbus day and the Fatima this weekend. Do any of you think it was coincidence that Christopher Columbus discovered the new world between those dates? I don't..

We had a feast day party to celebrate, since we haven't had any at all in so long thanks to my diet. Coincidentally, my necklace I made last year I put on Our Lady of Victory holy medal at the end since it's one of my favorite feasts- I didn't ever pay attention to the backside where it is stamped Lackawanna, NY. I just figured this out last night- a week after we returned home! How lucky am I!? Their gift shop was closed at the time of our visit. I had a souvenir from there and didn't know it!

So when we planned our feast day party this past week, we decided we wanted to try this apple cider that we found in Aldi- that was from New York, seemed appropriate since we had just visited there!

This is stuff is excellent!

Zoe enjoyed her baby cupcakes! I had made them shower and change into pj's while I set up the kitchen after our walk. Of course she got all dirty again :)

Father Baker pray for us! Our Lady of Victory pray for us!

Alden and Niagra Falls and Orchard Park.

As I was saying we visited our mom's cousins in the Buffalo area. (There are quite a few up there, we got to visit- but we only saw 2). We even saw my mom's house she grew up in that my grandpa built from scratch- literally meaning he cut down the trees too, where my parents where married etc..

Our first stop was in Alden, NY to visit my mom's cousin Wally. He is a recipient of the Purple Heart (Vietnam War Vet).  Ironically his wife was a 4-H extension agent for a number of years, wow right?  4-H it's in our bloodlines!

She sells her own wool and yarn if you're interested for my friends in the NE. Her place is fun to visit. She has so many crucifix's and rosaries about outside. It's like a retreat walking around their property.

Wally really wanted to hug Zoe, but she just kept her distance! She's a stinker! She kept getting away from him. Their basement is pretty cool- the foundation looks like a 100 years old because it is! When they bought the house it had a secret room with basement access only- likely used for underground railroad to get escaped slaves into Canada...or maybe bootlegging! lol 

See the Sacred Heart Tree Shrine? I made that last year for them, I think it's so cool some of my art work is hanging in a tree in NY on a farm!

We ate polish of course! Perogies and sauerkraut  for dinner. And my pickiest eater loves them! Knox has asked for them twice since we have been home.

See she's got on her 4-H apron!!

 A family as large as ours overwhelms easily, but Sue and Wally made us feel like we were at home. They are such sweet people to visit, I wish we could have stayed longer! The food, desserts and wine were great! I love their little farm life!

Then we went onto Niagara Falls.

This is the American Falls side.

Uncle Jon held Brenden up for a shot on the upper deck.

He then came down to join us.

There is a rush of wind coming from the falls, once you get past the wind it's really pleasant.

This one gets you really wet!

After the ride of course Uncle Jon took them up the American Falls side to look around, and get soaked more!

We did see my mom's old house.

And her cousin still lives across the street. (this is Orchard Park) The whole block was family, it was like a gang! My mom an only child, but all her cousin's families had 6 or more kids. But most have moved out now.

We stopped into see my great Grandpa's grave, he died when I was in the police academy just finishing up FTO- before I met my husband.

My kids now know all their great grandpa's and great uncle. I can't hardly write this post with out crying. Both of my grandpa would be so proud of all these grand babies and definitely would have loved my husband.

Well, let me wipe my eyes for a second and blow my nose. Next post will cover Our Lady of Victory in Lackawanna, NY, and our feast day party.