Tuesday, November 26, 2013

A decade of crocheted roses.

I saw this cool shop on Esty called the Fig and Thimble, they are quite a talented family! I purchased a set of their roses for counting Hail Mary's and my kids went crazy for them. They also sent some beautiful hand drawn and painted bookmarks- I have them on display by our family altar. I decided to take up crocheting just so I could make these, I figured I will probably start giving them as gifts for baby showers or a Baptism or Christmas or birthdays. After I followed a video on You Tube twice I was able to memorize how to make these roses. Now I am no speed queen, but I was able to get it done working on it in the evenings. For those who aren't quite as brave as me, go check out their Etsy store!
I was teased by my older  good looking husband that I was an old lady now because I learned to crochet ;) ha..ha... Then he had the nerve to ask for a hat! My kids want hats now and my mom randomly picked a few off Pinterest for me to try! I am actually really excited to do it though. My mom's birthday is coming up so I will do her's first- I hope. It's probably a LOT harder than the roses. Anyway, there are ten pink roses to say Hail Mary's on, and one white rose for the Glory Be and Fatima Prayer and Our Father.  The kids use them to keep their little hands busy while you say your family Rosary. What better way to honor our Mother than with a bouquet of roses? The Rosary or "Rosarium" in Latin means "Crown of Roses" by the way ;)


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