Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Are there just too many good ideas to keep track of? What's your method of madness?

What spurred this post was a conversation with my friend yesterday at the Library. She has tons of projects going on, leads up a bunch of little things, like Catechesis of the Good Shepherd, Familia, and is in training constantly plus she has a handful of kids- more than me. We were talking about coming up with and finishing projects when you get an idea.
When I started looking through people's ideas on the internet I came across so many craft and food ideas, blessings and traditions, I my links in my bookmarks was filling up. It was getting silly how many links I was "collecting."  Then I still couldn't remember what link to look for. 
  So my solution? This stems from my crazy coupon days. I started keeping these ideas in a big binder in clear plastic sleeves. I print off the webpages I am interested in, or make a google doc out of them if I need to rearrange things for the sake of fitting on a page- I don't need 100 pictures to make a recipe but a few is nice to reference. I have 100 clear plastic sleeves just waiting to be used- turned upside down in my binder- so I can find the empty ones.
  When I have time I go to the printer and collect the binder items and just stick them in the sleeves. They are then saved. I haven't added tabs yet because right now I have things in order of dates- like feast days and holidays, Advent etc... I do have a general cooking area in the binder, where recipes can just go. 

It's a lovely little book for girls! CHC is a website to buy it at, or Amazon. I read in there that women used to keep a sort of "household journal." It had dates and chores, meal planning recipes, holiday ideas..etc. Well I guess this is sort of like that I suppose, but mine isn't a hand written journal.
 The whole idea though is get your "stuff" organized. Maybe you found the idea, but don't have time to read through it all because someone needs to be nursed, or your 5 year old needs help wiping, or maybe someone just woke up, or maybe your husband can't find the online banking password? 
 Oh something else I do, I only print what I plan on doing for sure.
Here's some pictures of my ugly binder.

I print it and then I do it. If your not doing it, its wasted space. Don't be a printing glutton and print more than you intend to do. You could make your binder look pretty, or just buy a pretty binder. 
 Well what do you do? Do you have any suggestions?

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