Saturday, November 23, 2013

How to keep your little ones and toddlers busy while you homeschool or while the older ones have the flu

This post can really apply to things beyond homeschooling and keeping little ones occupied. Today, my littlest guy is the only one WITH OUT the flu. So while his older siblings lay and watch reruns on the computer of Wild Kratts and Word World and Holy Heroes cds half alive, he is enjoying his trucks in the rice bin (they are also called sensory bins).
   A rice bin is a bin of rice ;)  I bought a seven pound bag of white rice at Walmart and dumped it into a plastic container. I know some people do smaller boxes and bins but I prefer the big one they have to reach into. 
  Yup, it gets on the floor (hey I am not afraid of a mess, let me tell you about my kids and Montezuma's Revenge sometime- rice is easy compared to vomit), but they are all learning the rules as they do it. They have learned there are a set of rules and orderliness that comes with playing with the rice bin. I don't mind it at all. When they are done, the kids have a little dust pan and hand broom they attempt to clean the best they can. It's a babysitter in a box ;) I get 30 mins or more sometimes while they entertain themselves with the rice bin. I prefer one person at a time, but they generally do place nice when using it. I tape it shut when I need to close it up or when we have had it out too much. It's special if it's a limited access toy. And you will find it keeps them busier longer. 
 Some people do themes to follow holidays or seasons, I just put in toy trucks and dishes and cups and funnels. They are very happy with that. It's used as a reward too. Fifteen minutes alone in the rice bin is a good prize for good behavior. 

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