Friday, November 8, 2013

How to make a Mass kit link.

Well I was just thinking to myself my kids need a mass for Christmas, maybe a feast day. I can justify a cheaper gift on a feast day.  I looked up how much they were..sort of a lot.. no offense to the people who are making them. I think it's because they are higher quality. Anyway..I just want a cheap one. And I really didn't want to have to make it. BUT you can't beat a $20 homemade mass kit...lookie here at this link. This is a FOCUS missionary couple- my sister Mary was a FOCUS missionary. She'd be proud of my mention if she was reading my blog ;)

I was told growing up by just a few certain teachers and becoming a saint and going to heaven was really hard that few people make it, and that purgatory is where most of us go, so basically I remember thinking I am never good enough for Heaven, maybe purgatory, I was told that several times in grade school, I can still remember feeling depressed over that and sort of hopeless.  Perhaps they meant fewer people are declared saints but the part about going to purgatory was hard to swallow. I sort of wondered why are we trying so hard then that this all was pointless.  And I believe that was the 7th grade, I sort of remember the classroom layout.

I was also told it was sinful to play mass in grade school. Goodness we went to mass 3x a week. I remember being shocked that the teacher yelled at us and we were punished, like we did something dirty. Opportunity missed.  I might still be slightly spiteful, just glad my kids aren't being restricted.

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