Tuesday, November 19, 2013

March booklist partially done

Please check out the bigger list on my Bedtime Catholic Saint book list page (look at the tabs under the ocean picture). If you scroll to the bottom there are books outside of the monthly lists as well.

March (Lent and Easter)

A Child's Book of Celtic Prayers- pretty pictures 

St. David of Whales  Feast Day Mar. 1
Once Upon a Time Saints

St. Casimir   Feast Day Mar. 4
Saint pictorial of this saint in my CHC Liturgical book.

St. Ciaran of Saighir  Feast Day  Mar. 5
St. Ciaran , The tale of a Saint of Ireland

St. Colette   Feast Day Mar. 6
Miniature stories of the Saints  book 4

St. Thomas Aquinas   Feast Day Mar. 7
Miniatures Stories of the Saints book 1

St. Frances of Rome   Feast Day Mar. 9
Miniature stories of the Saints  book 2

St. Gregory the Great   Feast Day Mar. 12
Saints Lives and Illuminations
Miniature stories of the Saints  book 3
An Alphabet of Saints

St. Maud    Feast Day Mar. 14
Saints Lives and Illuminations

St. Louise de Marillac  Feast Day March 15
Saints for Girls- stickers

St. Patrick     Feast Day Mar. 17- (my son was him in a parade- see picture here)
Miniatures Stories of the Saints- book 1
Patrick Patron Saint of Ireland- Paola
Saint Patrick-Tompert
Saint Patrick- Lovasik

St. Joesph    Feast Day Mar. 19
Song of the Swallows
Miniatures Stories of the Saints- book 1
St. Joseph's Story

St. Benedict   Feast Day Mar. 21
Miniature stories of the Saints  book 3
The Holy Twins-Paola
An Alphabet of Saints

Annunciation of the Lord     Feast Day Mar. 25
Listen to Joyful mysteries of the Rosary Holy Heroes CD
Feasts of Jesus

The Tale of Three Trees- Angela Hunt

Stations of the Cross- Lovasik

The Feasts of Jesus- Lovasik 

Easter in the Garden- Kennedy

 I will try and make an Easter list before too long. I actually haven't looked ahead to see what the actual dates are for holidays next year (Holy Week and Easter). Right now I am trying to get rid of the pile of books on the floor. I am tired of the pile, so I might take a break for awhile after that.

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