Saturday, November 16, 2013

More Catholic books that don't fall under feast days.

This will be List #2 (that's for me to keep my books lists straight)

For more of our book lists..check the tabs above or click here to go straight to the page

The Church Mouse of Saint Nicholas   Another Neumann Press Book that might be hard to find.. but keep looking for it. I am saving it for later. For older kids. VERY LONG. DONT THINK YOU CAN READ THIS IN ONE DAY TO KIDS.

Little Rose of Sharon- will be added to the Easter list.. But my kids read it all the time

Lovely Lady Dressed in Blue- Good for Respect Life Month, longer, but my kids still liked it. Took three nights to read

Angel in the Waters- Respect Life Month

St. Patrick's Summer- Knox loves this book, we have been reading it slowly. Very big book for a 5 year old, definitely for older kids. Not a book that you can just read for St. Patrick's day. You'll need more than a week. Very long.

Catholic Children's Treasure Box Books 1- 20   MODG has them all over their lists. So might as well buy them now. Can order them from Holy Heroes. Watch for a sale or free shipping offers through Advent or Lent on Holy Heroes. Oh you will need to sign up for their emails ;)

A Picture of God 3 in 1  Good Trinity book

Angel Food for Boys and Girls- Old series has 6 volumes written by Fr. Brennan, old printing are out there. Old Series has different names for each of the six books too.

 or you can buy the reprints from Neumann Press 1-4. They are individual books they chose to reprint, but they are out of order of the original 6. So you can mix and match the sets. Just research them a bit.

The Way Home A Princess Story  Maybe a little scary (the lowlanders) for younger kids. But Genna loved it anyway.

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