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Must have's from Neumann Press, Bruce and St. Anthony Guild for every Catholic family's book collection.

Some of these were reprints by Neumann Press- which is now owned by Tan publishers. Thank goodness some of the books will be in print again soon. There are a few I was wanting to get yet. Being that we just started collecting books a year ago I didn't have the advantage of getting them before Neumann closed it's business up (due to owner's death) last April or May? Anyway, they reprinted old books that are just amazing for kids and adults too. Here's what I have collected so far. (It's a compilation of what is on my month to month lists.) It's not a huge list, but at least if your searching you know what to go look for from them. I do know a lot of them are on MODG syllabii. You will have some luck finding older prints and they are cheaper. I use to find a lot of books  **Oh my links can only go to one book listed, there are sometimes multiples of the same book listed, and for whatever reason sellers don't list them all under the same main book- if that makes sense. Some list them without a picture so you have look and see if the book matches via description or ISBN. So search around too, don't just rely on the links I have. 

Saints for Boys 
Saints for Girls  Both are Neumann reprints, originally published in 1950s, I spent around $10 on both books.  The little books feature three saints in each one.

Legends of Saints and Beasts
The Church Mouse of Saint Nicholas
Christian Fables- Michael Matt could not find a link anywhere..sorry

Sorry about the flash on the gold cover, no matter what I did with my little digital camera I couldn't get it right. 

An Alphabet of Saints- Written by Benson in 1900. That's right! 100 years old! Required for MODG. I wouldn't buy the old copy- I know because I own it, it's usable because it apparently was never used! I would get the new one released by Neumann Press though ;)

Catholic Stories for Boys and Girls Vol 1, Vol 2, Vol 3 and Vol 4. (check ebay and Cathswap- cathswap rocks!)  Yea, I don't care if you don't use my Amazon referral plan! LOL I want you to get them as cheap as possible! Use your savings for charitable works or more books!!  They are written by "Catholic Nuns in America" They are all different colors too btw.

 Saints and Friendly Beasts Series (original prints from St. Anthony Guild Press 1950-1960s) and I found good ones in great shape for under $10 each.. I spent hardly anything. It's good to be thrifty. DO NOT PAY MORE THAN $30 a book. Just get new ones if that's the case. They have ridiculous prices on Amazon.

Saint Colum and the Crane
Blessed Sebastian and the Oxen- Neumann Press, rest are published by St. Anthony Guild There is good price on Amazon for this book right now.
Saint Brigid and the Cows
Saint Martin De Porres and the Mice
Saint Germaine and the Sheep

The Church Mouse is in there- that's a long long book, several nights read or weeks.  Sorry about the you can tell I am not a professional blogger ;) I use my little digital camera..I am a mom and pop shop!

In the Angel Food Series by Fr. Gerald Brennan- My collection is mixed. I have the old prints by Bruce Publishing Company around 1945- they are all in great shape and I have a Neumann Press reprint.
If you want to go cheap and get the full 6 book series that Bruce published you need the individual names of the original books. I don't think I bought any of these on Amazon, I bought them on or something like that. But use

Book 1  Angel Food
Book 2  For Heaven's Sake
Book 3  Going his Way
Book 4  Just for Juniors
Book 5  Angel Food for Jack and Jill
Book 6  Angel Food Time

This give you an idea of what the books look like. They have dust jackets, I put all my books in clear library wrap. It will pay you back to take care of them. I happen to be out of wrap and have been for a few months. I only have around 5 books to wrap, so I will reorder when I get a big pile.

If you are going with Neumann Press' reprints- which I think I saw that Tan is republishing again. They are more expensive normally, and have been harder to find the last few months obviously. Want to know where I learned this info? Not anyone's blog.. CATHSWAP!

Volume I is Angel Food for Jack and Jill
Volume II Angel Food Time
Volume III Angel Food
Volume IV For Heaven's Sake

Sermons of the Cure of Ars- its a plain black book...for adults not kids

A Fireside Chat with Malcolm Muggerridge- I received this book as a second error in delivery for another book. The first book they told me to keep was a French teaching textbook- I sent it back anyway. This was the second one, they said keep it so I did. And yes I finally got the right book. And no I haven't read it, but it goes in this catagory ;)

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