Friday, November 15, 2013

My kids with their homemade comforters after we read- there are 4 turkey's in the picture.

Notice the weather change this week? Seemed like it was Monday when it suddenly was cold. I would have no idea had my mom not notified me either, thanks mom!  I made the kids some camo blankies last month and I throw them in the dryer to get warmed up before bed sometimes on a cold night.  They are happy clams ;)  Pretty easy blankets to finish, I made them as big as a twin comforter (to avoid them getting kicked off- and I top stitched sewed almost all 4 sides and then turned them inside out and finished off the hole)

There are 4 turkeys in the picture, can you spot the 4th?


  1. wow - this sounds so silly but when I first look at this picture I see me. keep up the good work. Bella just had her ACL surgery so it is 8 weeks in the crate and looking forward to her running again

    1. Lol! Oh and sorry about Bella! No fun! Did u see my salsa post? Ur name was mentioned ;)


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