Friday, November 15, 2013

My thrift store finds...Catholic stuff of course. Saturate your home in the real reason for the season.

So we went thrift store shopping. Here's a few of our fun finds- there was more, but I am embarrassed to show you all the stuff we found. The point is saturate your home in "The real reason for the season" - with out $spending$ a lot. LOL Guess I will be dusting a lot ;) But now is the time to start looking. Don't worry we don't forget about Thanksgiving. We found a hilarious stuffed turkey to stick in the middle of our table. I will save him for later.

these are candle holders, I just need to figure out what candle goes in them.

   My daughter fell in love with this. There was a really nice brass one that was bigger, but it had some nasty slime growing inside of it and it was slimey. It had a beautiful scene in it.  I don't know how people salvage them when they go bad. It was a shame.

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