Thursday, November 21, 2013

My tribute to St. Anthony and my lost diamond miracle (my finished peg dolls included)

  The kids and I picked St. Anthony to be our family's patron Saint for this year. We started off the on January 1st, attending Mass at St. Anthony's parish. Of course the mass we walked into was being said in Vietnamese. That made it sort of entertaining for us because there was a procession of children in traditional Vietnamese clothing. It was quite beautiful, and they were presenting the priests with some flowers. Anyway we purchased St. Anthony medals and had them blessed and have worn them all year long. We invoke St. Anthony's help regularly and we also attended Mass at St. Anthony's almost every Tuesday this year. On Tuesday's you get blessed with a Relic of St. Anthony after the 12:05 Mass. So we were able to do the St. Anthony Novena for the first time too with 13 consecutive Tuesdays.  
   Recently, Brenden has begun to run a muck during that particular Mass in the pews and I have cut out that particular Mass for the sake of sanity and not distracting others. Why he is comfortable being a turkey in that church I don't know. But he behaves better at the Cathedral so we go there as of now. Anyway, I had a lost item miracle this summer. My friend Cheryl and her kids were witnesses to it too! It happened around July 26th this year.
  Cheryl called and asked if we wanted to meet them at the zoo one morning. It was last minute but we were up for it. We headed out the door, normal day except some rain here and there in the forecast. We got through the front gate of the zoo and headed on over to the kids petting zoo area. We hadn't been there probably 15 mins and the kids were just feeding the goats through the fence. It was looking pretty overcast and I noticed my diamond was NOT IN MY RING. I got shaky and told Cheryl right away. If you know what the petting zoo area is like it's full of gravel EVERYWHERE, it's barnyard.  So with 6 kids and a new born baby and the rain starting to fall there was no use in trying to look for a 2/3 carat diamond in a barnyard full of gravel. 
  We saw Father Biltz (a homeschooled priest) and I asked him to pray to St. Anthony. Cheryl and I stuck around long enough to catch a break in the weather and we ran out of the zoo as it appeared that the rain wouldn't be stopping for awhile. I was sick to my stomach I had texted Brad, he didn't react real well to me losing my diamond either. I felt worse. I prayed with the kids on the way to minivan again and we got loaded up. I decided to scan the ground around the minivan quickly as I loaded kids and the stroller, although now there were more cars parked around me than before. I knew it was probably hopeless, that diamond could be anywhere...and it could be lodged in a car tire across town for all I knew. 
  Just as I was getting ready to load the stroller and I saw a geometric shaped rock on the ground. It was whitish and next to the parking lot lines catercorner to my stall. I picked it up trembling! I was so happy I flipped it over in my hand, it was my diamond! I couldn't believe it. I was screaming at my kids I found it, they were cheering we were thanking St. Anthony. I drove over to Cheryl we showed them. It was amazing! I drove straight to the jewelers, and found out why it fell out. My ring had three broken prongs, I am glad I didn't lose it on the beach in Florida- we had just been on vacation the month before. I was happy it was lost on blacktop, it made it easier to spot for sure. There have been so many more little favors St. Anthony has presented to our Lord on our behalf. Too many to list.
  Anyway my sister put together a Saint Doll exchange, it just seemed appropriate to do St. Anthony. We had a feast day party for him and we also read some books this year on him- including a rather long one, which I read out loud to the kids. It took us all year but we finished it. They enjoy being read to. Okay so here's my peg dolls. 

Dearest St. Anthony, Thank you for your guidance and protection over our family. Thank you for answering our petition for our homeschooling effort and for all the extra favors you presented to God on our behalf. Amen!


  1. dude!! your saints are awesome. Nice job!

  2. Wonderful!! Where did you buy the pegs and what size are they?

    1. Little People - Doll Body - 3-1/2" tall x 1-1/2" - wide -
      Little People - Man Body, 3-9/16" tall x 1-1/8" wide -

      Don't buy cheap paint, and I guess Moge Poge chips off as a sealer. Permanent marker runs with sealants.

    2. here's the other dolls.


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