Sunday, November 24, 2013

Our sorting trays- keeping toddlers and kids busy

Here's our sorting trays I told you about yesterday.  I basically threw "poof balls" (craft balls), beads shaped like animals, mini erasers, mini Tupperware containers, stickers..just random ity bity things. It never gets old. They sort into jello molds (like this free one I got for Christmas with coupons), ice cube trays are great too! Any little thing will be great. Even at a year old Brenden can sort things- no he can do it all himself as he watches the older two.

random tray of small things

No the picture isn't staged, he sorts things alone

Genna sorting soup beans by color into a tray. You can add tweezers  (she set hers down by the cup)  and they learn to pick up the beans and develop fine motor skills.

Sorting never gets old!

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