Saturday, November 16, 2013

Part of our book collection that will be hard to classify

I put my January Books up as well.  Here's some good ones for anytime. We have read them all, with the exception of a few we have just read parts of them. They rotate through pretty regularly. Knox enjoys them all. Genna has trouble sitting through longer readings yet.

For more of our Book list visit the book list page directly by clicking here, or use the tabs above.

The weight of a Mass

Take it to the Queen

We Have a Pope- maybe use on any Pope's feast day ;)

The Fisherman's Catch- Conservative lesson on stealing.

All four volumes of Neumann Press Catholic Stories for Boys and Girls- I see them sold separately all the time on Ebay and Amazon. Supposedly they are in print again. My son loves these.

Christian Fables *(old Neumann Press) might be hard to find.. Excellent stories, By Michael J. Matt

Legends of Saints and Beasts- Ann Marie Jauss

Catholic Tales for Boys and Girls

More Catholic Tales for Boys and Girls

A Parable about the King

The Squire and the Scroll- good boys book 5 yo and up

The Princess Kiss- this is being saved for later.

A Childs book of Virtues- my 5 year old likes this one a lot

God's Wisdom for Little Boys

God Gave us You

Hooray! I'm Catholic- love love this!

Prayer for a Child

The Empty Pot- LOVE LOVE

Creation type stories
Noah's Ark

All Creatures Great and Small- rich poems, Catholic in Nature, has gold leaf

Tomie DePaola collections
Book of Bible Stories
The Miracles of Jesus
Joy to the World


  1. Thanks for the list! You had a few of my favorites on there -- like The weight of the Mass. Tale of the Queen is on my wish list, and I added a few others from your list to my wish list. I'm a little obsessed with children's books, so I love your recommendations!

    1. I am soo soo glad your using it. Your welcome! I was thinking I will go through and highlight the MODG books, so people know which ones will be required for Kindergarten next. There's a lot of overlap with these books which is good. If you want to borrow some to read or preview let me know, I can bring them to Catechesis. We don't mind sharing ;) I have more to ad, I will keep working on it.


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