Saturday, November 9, 2013

something you can't explain- pictures included ;)

So we have gymnastics every Friday.  Kids know the routine, I tell them to get their gymnastics clothes on, get their shoes, hoodies...etc.. Tonight I had to tell them to get their shoes at least 3 or 4 times. We were pulling into the drive at the Ymca and Genna says (view the picture)

Missy got to ride in the stroller. Brenden was a little jealous.

I am sort of a salsa freak. I love homemade salsa. My mom makes it, my sister makes it,  I make it, my Aunt Laurie makes's in our blood.

Hello my name is Shannon, I am a Great Value White Corn and Black Beans salsa addict. Walmart you may pat yourself on the back. This is my third jar in two weeks.

And I can't explain my brother Nathan. He thinks he is a bat.

Have a good day!

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