Friday, November 22, 2013

Thanksgiving count down! I love turkey!

Let the Thanksgiving Day count down begin!  

We made this sign from Catholic Icing's instructions last year, we also made one for Grandma and Grandpa's house for Thanksgiving last year too, hopefully since she saved it she remembered to hang it on her fireplace mantle again this year. Since we live in do-daw we had plenty of fields to gather our bounty for the sign, sorghum, corn stalks, milo, acorns, leaves etc... Notice our silly stuffed turkey made another appearance!  Here's some of our pictures from last year. We also made Indian costumes to remind us of the newly cannonized Saint Kateri Tekawitha last year. 
Knox and Genna took the time to make their cousin Augustine a costume as well and presented it to him on Thanksgiving. We will make new ones this year I think. Grandma hoarded our costumes last year so I have no way to telling if they will still fit, and Brenden will need one now that he is big enough.

2012-A surprise for Grandma! 

2012-My little tribe of Catholics with a cousin on Thanksgiving.

2012- In honor of the newly cannonized Saint Kateri (last year newly cannonized).

2012- Grandma Fisher and her little tribe of Catholics.

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