Saturday, November 9, 2013

three things I am working on, **WITH UPDATES**

Crocheted Roses for saying the rosary, ten of the same color one of a different color. I taught myself using a video on you tube. Yea, you heard that right. Crochet- check..done. Oh btw they do sell on Etsy for $20-$30 if you dont feel like watching a 10 min video. By the second rose, I had it memorized. Very simple.

Mouse in the house- we are still working on our St. Martin de Porres feast day project. The kids love this!

And the of course our wood peg dolls for an exchange my sister set up.

*update* #1    11/9/13

My first rose done. (I have never crocheted before, I used a you tube video). I have 10 more to make. Easy yes, have no fear.

I worked on mouse house tonight too with the kids. They all have mini teddy bears. I thought Brenden was trying to eat his, but he was just kissing his little baby. So cute!! 

And no I didn't work on the peg I am procrastinating.


Burning the midnight candle, it's actually 1 AM 11/11/13. I couldn't stop. Also finishing up my second rose tonight. 9 more to go.

The crocheted roses are so simple. I should have put this link up before. I have never crocheted before. This shows you everything- it's a you tube video tutorial. It's slow enough and you can pause it. But if you're wanting to learn how to make those crocheted roses this is simple. I had to look up how to finish the thread off, and I used this link to do that, you don't want it to unravel!  See my finished Decade Roses post.

11/26/13 Okay they are done The Rosary roses and you can find them in this link.  I also finished the St. Anthony peg dolls and have a link here for them. Please check it out and read how St. Anthony has blessed our family with his intercession this year

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