Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Two authors you will probably like to collect for your Catholic Saint Book library

Demi and Brian Wildsmith are awesome illustrators. The pictures keep my attention! LOL They keep my kids too ;)

All Brian Wildsmith Books are awesome- there are quite a few! They are water colored.

Demi's Books.  She has a lot of historical figures and a lot of tales with moral lessons. I assume most of them are all very good. Her books are longer so save them for when they are around 5. Here's just a few.
Mary- longer book for older children 
Joan of Arc- good for 5 year old and up
Mother Teresa- longer book, for older children
Empty Pot- you should read it often to your kids- any age! 3+

Please check out the bigger list on my Bedtime Catholic Saint book list page (look at the tabs under the ocean picture).  I know it's long but at the bottom there are some non montlhy suggestions you may also like

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