Monday, December 2, 2013

A snowy day book - one with a message about God's purpose for you.

The temperature is dropping! (Well it was nice the last two days)...but go with me, it's getting colder outside, and pretty soon snow will be forecasted.  You will be watching those flakes falling outside from your window. Doesn't it put you in the mood for hot tea or hot cider, and hot cocoa? How about hot peppermint cocoa? Doesn't that sound soo good! Don't you love snuggling up with your kids on the couch and reading to them? Do you have any snow books?
Have you seen this cute little board book? All my kids like it- don't the impression of the board book make you think it's for babies. I think it comes in a larger size too- I can't remember around.

The last page- if you want to try and read it. Lacy the snowflake made her journey down to earth and figured out why our Creator made her and what makes her special. It's a good little book to whip out when the snow starts falling- let's hope for a white Christmas!

We have a few other snowy day books- I will post another time. This one just has a nice message ;)

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