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December, Advent and Christmas books to add to your Catholic book collections or for gifts

Here's a list of our December, Advent and Christmas books. These would make great gifts for kids and families. See more of our list here or on under the tabs above this page.

Please do feel free to print this off and use as a reference and also link back to, but do not copy my work as your own.

December Book List
month of Divine Infancy
Here's a link to a  calendar of Saint's feast days.

Advent Books.
Joy to the World- Paola, combines three of the Christmas stories I have listed will spend less ;)
 The Night of Las PosadasThe Story of the Three Wise Kings, and The Legend of the Poinsettia

This is the stable
The Advent Book- Stockman
St. Francis and the Christmas Donkey
The Clown of God
The Miracle of St. Nicholas
The Christmas Miracle of Jonathan Toomey
The Story of the Three Wise Kings- Paola
The Littlest Angel
The Country Christmas Angel- Paola
An Angel Came to Nazareth
Jingle the Christmas Clown- Paola

First Sunday of Advent is Dec. 1
Holy Heroes Advent Adventure Get signed up. It's free! Kids of all ages, down to two can do this.

St. Eloi (Eligius)  Feast Day Dec. 1
Saints Lives and Illuminations

St. Francis Xavier          Feast Day    Dec. 3
Book of Saints
Movie- Francis Xavier and the Samurai's Lost Treasure can be purchased
Miracles of the Saints A book of Reflections
Saint pictorial of this saint in my CHC Liturgical book.
Miniature stories of the Saints  book 3

St. Barbara                   Feast Day Dec. 4
Household Saints
Once upon a time Saints
Saints Lives and Illuminations
Miniature stories of the Saints  book 4

St. Nicholas             Feast Day Dec. 6
*Don't forget your chocolates in the shoes*
Letters from Heaven, and Illuminated Alphabet
St. Nicholas, The real story of the Christmas Legend
Saints Lives and Illuminations
St. Nicholas- Tompert
The Legend of St. Nicholas- Demi- there might be a part in there you will want to edit a bit. For older kids, little longer too.
The Legend of the Candy Cane
The Legend of the Christmas Stocking
Little Orphan Angela, a Trilogy of Christmas Stories, by Edward Hays

St. Ambrose       Feast Day Dec. 7
Once upon a time Saints

Feast of The Immaculate Conception  Feast Day  Dec. 8  Holy Day
Mary my Mother

St. Juan Diego      Feast Day Dec. 9 Interchange book w/ Dec. 12 Our Lady of Guadalupe
The Lady of Guadalupe- Paola
Juan Diego: Messenger of Guadalupe movie on Youtube can be purchased
Holy Heroes Vol. 1 Juan Diego
The Legend of the Poinsettia- Paola

Our Lady of Guadalupe   Dec. 12
See above books for Juan Diego

St. Lucy/ St. John of the Cross       Feast Day Dec. 13
Book of Saints both saints- Lovasik
Lucia Saint of Light
Saint pictorial of this saint in my CHC Liturgical book.
Bells of Santa Lucia

St. Spyridon   Feast Day Dec. 14
Saints Lives and Illuminations

St. Alice     Feast Day Dec. 16th
Once upon a time Saints

Christmas Eve  (if you have time- maybe should have started wrapping those presents earlier? ;)
The night before Christmas
Brigid's Cloak
The Night of Las Posadas- Paola
The Animals Christmas Eve
St. Francis and the Nativity
The Living Nativity
The Friendly Beasts
The Shepherd's Gift
The Legend of the Christmas Rose
The Christmas Story- messed up on Amazon..wrong picture with book description. May want to verify purchase
The Crippled Lamb ( I have the one with a cd, you can just go cheap without it)
Memories of the Manger
The Stable where Jesus was Born
The Shepherd's Christmas Story
The story of Christmas

Christmas Day
The Donkey's Dream- or read ALL the ones you didn't get to on Christmas Eve ;)

St. Stephen   Feast Day Dec. 26  (Holy Family)
Saints Lives and Illuminations
The Apostles of Jesus- Lovasik
Saint pictorial of this saint in my CHC Liturgical book.
Feasts of Jesus

St. John the Evangelist  Feast Day Dec. 27
Letters from Heaven
Miniature stories of the Saints- book 1. Look on ebay or etsy, apparently there is a new version of this old book series out. I saw them at Sacred Heart Gifts here in Town.

St. Wencelas Feast Day  Dec. 28 (Holy Innocents)
Stephen's Feast
Good King Wenceslas

St. Thomas of Canterbury  Feast Day Dec. 29
An Alphabet of Saints

The Feast of the Holy Family, The Presentation of Jesus in the Temple
The Feasts of Jesus- Lovasik

Please feel free to print my list for your personal use or reference if you blog ;) just give credit this took a whole evening with a sick baby :) 
Print for easy use at bedtime for reading to our little ones.

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