Monday, December 2, 2013

Aww the feared tracking of grades and progress, your daily routine. I found cheap grade books and stickers- in the Target $1 bin!

Well this is what I do. I don't have computer that's quick or fast enough with nice programs like Excel right now. I saw my friend's Facebook page last night, and boy did she have some sweet and pretty looking schedules! Ya, Michelle! I need you to come do my schedule for me with those pretty colors! I might twist her arm a little. I actually tried to get my brother Jon to help me, lol- I know he thinks I am pathetic...and he lives out of town..not much help. SIGH....

So as green as I am to's my method of madness.  

   I found grade books in the dollar bin this summer at Target, yup, perfect for me! And tons of stickers for teachers for a $1 as well. I bought extra for the coming years. Probably isn't enough, I will buy them again if I see them.
  Yup, buy lots of stickers- kids like feed back. As soon as that assignment is done and submitted to mom. Grade it and show them their sticker at the top. Make them feel good it was successfully accepted and graded! Let them pick the sticker out for fun sometimes. It's a good diversion too for grumpy kids.

The empty grade book pages

Don't make fun of my scribbling ;) I am putting myself out be kind ;)

I decided a composition book was what I would write our daily routine into. I like writing it, not typing it- I don't know why. Some people use tracking software I think, some use spreadsheets like Excel. There are a ba-zillion choices out there. Just be consistent- cause if something happens to you, and your poor husband has to put the kids into the school system so he can work- than well have some documentation prepared for him to present to the school. Make it as easy for him as possible to find too. Also have their grades averaged every few months. Put that composition book out in an obvious place too for him to find.  Oh yea, and if some official court documentation is needed than it's good too.

Perhaps my archaic way for tracking our progress and grades is a subconscious acknowledgment  of that fact my husband isn't really into computers and electronic devices...etc.. 

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