Sunday, December 29, 2013

free book (out of print) Christmas to Candlemas on EWTN, Barm Brack recipe, St. Stephen, St. John's Wine Blessing custom, New Years, Beer keeps going!

I don't know if any of you have tried searching for books on celebrating the Christmas season but this one is a goodie I keep seeing referenced. It's called  Christmas to Candlemas, By Helen McLoughlin. EWTN has it on their website for free.  I found one on Ebay luckily.
  It has forgotten traditions for St. Stephen's Feast Day, St. John and that cool St. John's wine custom and toast, it has really good ideas for New Years, and blessing beer, making kids punch, Epiphany ideas and a cake recipe, morning and evening prayers for Christmas, Holy Innocent prayers and Epiphany prayers for night time with your's so full of good ideas! I want to try the recipes for St. Canute and St. Agnes, as well as St. Brigid's Feast day- Barm Brack. Oh what fun! Here's the publisher's link.

Come back for the Epiphany Link up! Starting on the 5th.

Suggestions for celebrating Epiphany!

12th Day of Christmas drink- Lambswool. Remember the song "Here we come a wassailing"? Find out what it all means!

New Year's Suggestions for Catholic Families.

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Type writer!! Someone typed out the Advent Wreath blessing (we happen to use it too,-USCB)

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  1. Thank you for this! I am often looking for something during this time and I have a few short books I bought at our local Church book store but I have read the same books for a few years and am thrill to find something new. Thank you.


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