Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Free Holy Heroes CD- Our Lady of Guadalupe and free Holy Heroes coloring book- St. Juan Diego, and celebrating St. Lucy's Feast Day

  There so so many good Feast Days in December, I wish I could keep up with all of them, including family member's birthdays, decorating, making cookies, wrapping presents...etc.. it can be over whelming. I just got done thinking through everything with the hubby (we got over our main birthday hump this week) and it's downhill from here mostly.

  Tomorrow we will have Mexican food for our main meal to celebrate Our Lady of Guadalupe and read our books and watch our Juan Diego: Messenger of Guadalupe movie. IF you are interested Holy Heroes is offering Volume 1 of their Glory Stories for free (It is the story of Our Lady of Guadalupe and St. Juan Diego) through tomorrow night at midnight 12/12/13.  They deal is located under the Deal of the Day Tab. AND IF YOU SIGN UP for Advent Adventure you get the free Our Lady of Guadalupe coloring book- it's a pdf download and has over 15 coloring pages!  The other story on the cd is perfect for kids preparing for their first communion. 

  This happens to be the first cd I purchased from Holy Heroes and then my kids were hooked. Imagine a 4 year old and 3 year old sitting quietly for a VERY LONG TIME in your living room as this CD plays and tells the story. They were mesmerized by the story (they love to be read to). And then they made me play it a second time in a row. 

  For St. Lucy's Feast Day, I am going to attempt a crown for my daughter, so check back for pics later. I don't actually drink coffee- just enjoy my tea. I do enjoy the expensive coffee of course, but my husband is the coffee preparer and drinker. So he will have to preload the coffee pot for Genna and she can switch it on in the morning. I have a white "dress" for her. And I am going to make the boys the star hats that look like dunce hats. I am sure they will just love it! It will be a good time! Oh yea, and we'll probably do Krispy Kreme Donuts or something like that, I like the cream filled ones! ;) There are tons of ideas out there on the internet and plenty of recipes and songs to sing for St. Lucy's feast day.

  Anyway, I hope you all can find some time to do something special with the great Feast Days this month!

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