Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Free Saint Lucy book podcast for kids- Use on the 13th. Link provided.

This is a link to a podcast of one of the St. Lucy books we own- made in 2009. The book Lucia Saint of Light, was recommended on our MODG syllabus. Anyway, I am finding wonderful Saint book podcasts on there. I will keep providing links when I remember-lol! This is another cheap way to do books too, I know we all have a tight budget and really there isn't time to order a book before the feast day. (Oh yea, play it in the pop up+ the website is not Western Catholic, it's Orthodox- that's okay though, they are a good resource for Saint Books so use them)

Here's a look at the Bedtime Saint booklist page.

St. Lucy/ St. John of the Cross       Feast Day Dec. 13
Book of Saints both saints- Lovasik
Lucia Saint of Light
Saint pictorial of this saint in my CHC Liturgical book.
Bells of Santa Lucia
Here's a link to a audio book podcast

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