Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Spiritual Bouquet's- Gift idea for Godparents, or Mother's Day, Father's Day, Priests, anyone really for any occasion.

  I remember back in grade school making Spiritual Bouquet cards for our Priest Fr.Scaletty on his anniversary. I think I mostly remember my 4th grade teacher doing it with us, although I do know we did it every year. Anyway, Spiritual Bouquet's are just a promise to say "X" amount of prayers, or penances, or Masses, or Rosary's- whatever you can truly commit to doing for someone's intentions and for themselves.
  I remember I sent a non-Christian friend of ours a thank you note and let him know I was saying a Rosary for him for his kindness. He was stunned, I mean literally. I recall his tone of voice and him saying, "Wow, no one has ever prayed for me before let alone say a Rosary, thanks."  So even if you think it's a long shot and whomever it is maybe isn't Catholic so maybe they don't understand the prayers or maybe they think we are Mary worshiping freaks- (because they are uninformed about what worship vs. asking someone to intercede actually is) that's ok.. show them you love them anyway. This is prayer, it will all come out okay ;) God sees to that part when prayer is genuine.
  Anyway, I made some bookmark like cards up on Google Docs to give away as personal gifts from the kids. I took a random image off the internet and this is what I came up with. You can make your own, find an image of a Icon of a Saint, or the Feast day that's coming up..etc and insert a beautiful image on your card. (Please do not sell other people's images off the net, or my creation. Feel free to use it for personal use).

A Gift of Prayer
For (insert name)
The following are offered for you
and your special intentions


2 Hail Marys
2 Our Fathers
2 St. Michael the Archangel

From (insert name)

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