Monday, December 2, 2013

Here's a run down/ diet version of some major Feast Days coming up this month without a Jesse Tree.

This is the diet version of feast days that are coming up- if you haven't noticed. I picked some popular ones, but to each his own. You decide ;) They are sans Jesse Tree.

Dec. 1- Advent Begins! (okay okay we all know that one)

Dec. 6th  St. Nick's Feast Day. Put something special in their shoes or buy them new slippers and stuff goodies in them. Chocolate coins are pretty traditional. Check out the Saint Nicholas Center for more ideas, there are candy cane blessings (there is a story on my book list about that), there's a beautiful Litany, a list for beverages for a feast day party even!

Dec. 8th  Immaculate Conception- Holy Day of Obligation

Dec. 10th  Our Lady of Loreto- house where Mary conceived Jesus- it was moved to Italy. It's amazing! There is a beautiful litany you can add to your daily rosary.

Dec. 12th  Our Lady of Guadalupe- you probably know this one, Tomie DePaola has a good book ;)

Dec. 13th  St. Lucy's Feast Day This is widely celebrated due to the famous custom of having a lighted wreath and being served hot beverages and sweet buns in bed by your eldest female child! (hopefully they are big enough to do this alone- and yes, I like this feast day too ;) You can modify the customs to be more realistic for the age group your targeting- be creative. Or maybe just pick up some books and read about her.

Dec. 24th and 25th- Well you probably are going to be busy

Dec. 26th Feast of St. Stephen- The first martyr!

Dec. 28th- Feast of the Holy Innocents  Remember the babies who were slaughtered?

Dec. 30th- Feast of the Holy Family

The Octave of Christmas is Dec. 25th plus 7 Days,

The Twelve Days of Christmas is Dec. 25th - January 5th

Jan. 1st Solemnity of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of God- Holy Day of Obligation

Jan. 6th  The Epiphany- this is a good one!! You'll want to do the Epiphany Blessing.
***I love this feast day, I have never ever seen it done before, I did it last year with my family. Here's our door.

learn the names of the Wise Men, Make them journey across your home during December until the Epiphany. Have your kids move them all over the house. It's a lot of fun!  Oh yea, Tomie DePaola has a good book for this feast day too.

Jan. 13th  Feast of the Baptism of Our Lord- end of Christmas Season.  See if you can leave your   decorations out that long. We technically are still able to greet people with Merry Christmas up till that point. We leave our tree up till the Epiphany, I am trying to go a little longer each year.

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