Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Hide and Seek with Mary and Baby Jesus.

Here's some photos of a fun little Advent game today.  As we were heading outside today Knox grabbed our $.25 Mary and baby Jesus. We decided to play a little hide and seek with the little figures. I sent them behind the fence and hid the figures in the front yard. They all came around and searched for them. Once Brenden found both of them! I was so proud of him!  And they didn't get sick of it, we played it a lot, each taking turns.  Now Genna likes to blab- she's a lot like her mother, and I had her go in the garage while we searched after she hid. Otherwise she would tell us where they were. We really enjoyed eating our California Clementines too! I keep a box of them in my minivan- and it smells so good in there. YUM!

Their self built pretend camp fire (THIS IS NOT MY YARD- it is a field..not my grass ;))

found them!

where are they hiding?

Oh what fun!

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