Friday, December 6, 2013

Kindergarten handwriting and Bible verses- make your own printable sheets.

  I started this semester out with Knox doing Bible verses alongside his sister's preschool curriculum Catholic ABC's. So we all are learning the same bible verse at the same time with the same alphabet letter.
  I found a cool practice handwriting worksheet producing website here. Every week I take Genna's bible verse and make a dotted handwriting practice sheet for Knox. I have them saved as PDF's and can go back and reprint them anytime. He an trace the words (and hopefully he is sort of reading them).
  This could be used for a variety of handwriting homework or studies. But for now I have only adapted it to our Bible verses we study with our alphabet.

   I saw that there were tons of pop up ads on there- I have Ad Block Pro on our computers and it helps. But I think it messes up me printing, sometimes I get the page done and click print and nothing appears on the printing preview. It will take me four tries before it appears. I am not sure what the deal is. But I have used it successfully anyway. It just takes a few tries on my Google Chrome Book.
  Hope you find some success if you try it! I am sure there are other websites out there you can produce your own worksheets on. Let me know if you find more, I didn't search that hard.

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