Sunday, December 1, 2013

Knox's manly book "Tin cups and Tinder." It gets his little imagination going. It's a great little introduction to survival for little boys.

Knox loves this little book called, Tin Cups and Tinder by Alice Cantrell. No he can't read this book alone. I would call this pre-Boy Scouting. But Knox loves the pictures. We read through this book fairly easily in a few days. Do you remember me mentioning another book by the same author a while back? Alice Cantrell also wrote Tea and Cake with the Saints. Both are books you can get on CHC's website I think. Here's a post on that book.
 Tin Cups and Tinder is great for little boys. It gets them thinking about survival and camping, some manly stuff I want him to think about.  We bought it this past August at the Catholic Family Conference, I couldn't get a cheap copy (in my mind on Amazon at the time) So when I spotted it at the Sacred Heart table shop I got it right away for Knox (hey full price, but no shipping charges). Who then wanted his tin cup immediately of course. Anyway, we have helped him collect the little things that are suggested in this book. Here he is looking at his things.

little tinder box, we also have some milk weed fluff we put in there this fall

Good Grandma did a sewing kit with him and Genna.

His tenner and pocket shrine

 I am so going to collect pocket shrines. There are a lot out there made from lead, so watch what you buy. You wouldn't want to give a child a lead toy, let alone yourself  (especially if your pregnant!).

  He has nice Coleman camp set he hasn't used yet.  We found it at Cabelas of course. It had the tin cup in it. And I think it was only $10.  I am afraid due to his dad's hours he hasn't gone real camping yet unfortunately- oh and me being pregnant all the time. Just the backyard. But he has adventures in his little mind ;)
   He asked recently to start on the haversack, so that is my next project with him. I will probably do soon over Christmas break. I bet I end up making three of them ;)

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