Saturday, December 21, 2013

Looking for a quick and easy Nativity play to do for Christmas Eve, with little rehearsal needed?

  Last night after reading a couple of nativity books about St. Francis and the first Nativity and some other advent books- Genna wished out loud that we could do a Nativity play. So again referencing my super duper book of Liturgical ideas (Seriously I would get this book as a gift for ANY Catholic family), I said we sure can! We have all the pieces for the costumes from other Saint costumes. I even have a big brown horse that is now our donkey plus all the barn animals- from the kids stuffed animals box.
  Here's a play from that comes straight out the Gospel. You can cut the music, or keep it, just dink out the songs with a single hand on the piano. We rehearsed this morning, but the play was a little long because of the music so we cut it for the sake of squirmy kids. They kept wanting to play Mary and Joseph they loved it! I was so pleased at how quickly they learned. It's such an easy play. There is one with the Annunciation. I modified ours to work for our family. Good luck!

 *I will update you with more on this post at a later date, I can't give away it all as I want to keep something a surprise ;)

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