Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Moveable Montessori Alphabet, Angel Readers. Teaching my kids to read.

  Currently we are learning to read out of the Angel Readers. When we started out I watched a video from a Montessori Preschool on YouTube last year. We started out with "at words" as the video suggested. We only used our little alphabet puzzle- like this Melissa and Doug puzzles.

We tried this book over the summer, as it was in the MODG curriculum, but I thought we were moving way too slow. I am sure the book works great if your starting at zero, I didn't want to take the time to find out where I needed to be in it.

I ordered a movable Montessori Alphabet this summer on Ebay, it was a closeout item I think I spent no more than $30 on it. It does have little pieces and it's only out with supervision. I wouldn't let the kids have something this expensive and nice probably on their own anyway. 

I like the moveable alphabet a lot, I think we have gotten a lot of use out of it. Knox has a May birthday, so he is young compared to the class he would have been in this fall. I do feel like his reading is very good. But I attribute his willingness to do phonics because this alphabet makes it a lot of fun. Genna is hot on his heals wanting to learn, and she turns 4 this week.  And a word on phonics, I am not crazy about sight words- I like the old fashioned way of learning to read. There is a page in the Angel Reader Teacher's manual that talks about the use of sight words. I remember reading somewhere the lower reading scores were being attributed to the over use of sight words and not teaching phonics. I will try and find the article and post it. 

Here's Genna  in the middle of using the Melissa and Doug magnets doing "at" words. It's been a few weeks since she has worked on this but she remembers cat very well. Always teach them in lower case first!! Then do uppercase.

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