Thursday, December 5, 2013

Need some St. Nick Feast Day ideas for tomorrow? See what we are eating tomorrow morning.

The St. Nicholas Center is full of them!  Check out the Candy Cane Blessing.  Do you know the legend behind the candy cane? There is a good book you can read to your kids about the Candy Cane. Here's a few more titles you can chose from that are good reading for this great Feast Day!

St. Nicholas             Feast Day Dec. 6
*Don't forget your chocolates in the shoes*
Statue of St. Nick
Letters from Heaven, and Illuminated Alphabet
St. Nicholas, The real story of the Christmas Legend
Saints Lives and Illuminations
St. Nicholas- Tompert
The Legend of St. Nicholas- Demi- there might be a part in there you will want to edit a bit. For older kids, little longer too.
The Legend of the Candy Cane
Little Orphan Angela, a Trilogy of Christmas Stories, by Edward Hays
The Legend of the Christmas Stocking

    We did a little project this afternoon- it's straight off the website, nothing original, but we will post pictures later, since it involved the kids and stickers.  Did you know hot chocolate was reported to be St. Nick's favorite drink? MMMM- and finally we have some good weather now to snuggle up and read to the kids about St. Nick. Happy Eve of St. Nick! (And don't worry if you gave up candy for Advent you can eat it since it's a special Feast Day during Advent.)

We are eating this in the morning for our Feast Day breakfast, with eggs and bacon and juice! MMMM.... lets hope I don't mess it up tonight. Here's some other cute foods you can create for his feast day.

Don't forget to fill their shoes or slippers with a surprise! Chocolate coins are great meaningful candy- since St. Nick threw coins through a window. Have fun! Happy Eve of St. Nick!

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