Sunday, December 22, 2013

One of my kids favorite drawing books. A Catholic How-To-Draw.

I love this book. Its recommended to use in conjunction with and in my other CHC book, A Year with God, Celebrating the Liturgical Year(I see that the prices are again reasonable on Amazon and not $200 like before)

The moment I gave it to Knox he was inspired. He started giving me all sorts of beautiful pictures of Rosaries and alters and the Eucharist, and had the Chi-Rho on everything. 

   Now he is only 5 right now, and he is learning to draw. This book at least takes the student step by step in the drawing the picture process. I just got my hands on a second copy of it too, it is sort of hard to share with two kids who want to draw different pictures. I did pay for the download on CHC's website- I didn't care for it. I like a spiral bound book already to go in front of me. I think that's a better way to draw. Plus I don't feel like printing off a picture series. I wont do online books again. Here's what's inside.

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