Sunday, December 8, 2013

Our busy weekend

We have had a super busy end of the week and weekend. St. Nicholas feast day, to Familia, to Grandma's house and mass, to cleaning and preparing for a big girl birthday, a Christmas Candle movie and getting ready for the Saint Peg Doll exchange. The roads were slightly treacherous, I know it was difficult to get here. Thank you everyone for helping make her day special! She's already wearing her new Hello Kitty pj's...she is calling them her day clothes ;) haha!

yes it's freezing here but she was ready to get out of her poofy dress.

Genna with her Godmother Anna. Anna is dating someone currently but she's single, and she is a nurse- for all you dudes who might be checking out the blog. She's super cute and smart ;) (Anna is going to yell at me hahaha)

Peg Saint Dolls all ready to go to the exchange. 

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