Sunday, December 1, 2013

Our Holy Heroes Advent service tonight with short video. Please watch and see how simple this really is. It's all free!

We print off Holy Heroes mas preps every week, so there were a few extra this week, I let Brenden do some coloring. We aren't big enough for the word searches, but we can do the quizzes, and get our Advent Certification! 

 We set up downstairs, here's a video clip of my kids watching and listening while they color. Remember these videos are free! They send an email, with videos to watch, they have free coloring pages, free crosswords, free word searches, free quizzes, free decades they say with your family, with beautiful meditations and background music, they give you the Advent Wreath Blessing to print out and use. They even provide you with free paper ornaments to color. 

  All I do is open the email and the kids can sit and color and watch and cut out their ornaments. That's it! It's so easy. I hope you will sign up. It takes very little time in the evening. As an adult my faith grew as I did this alongside my kids all last year and through Lent, I know yours will too. This is about raising holy kids, that's it. We all have the desire to go to Heaven, God put it there so we need to cultivate it!

Oh by the way, the other video's skit was hilarious. I am pretty sure I counted over ten times the kids watched it because of the funny ending. 

This is what we did tonight. You can see from the video there were four coloring pages, you just print the links in the email. (Those with older kids, there are crosswords, hidden word searches and quizzes that can be printed)

Salvation History through paper ornaments- yup print those off from the email too. The Advent Wreath blessing with very clear directions is printable as well. We keep everything in a folder for neatness.

upstairs our Jesse Tree is made of the kids hand prints- I hang the paper ornaments with pipe cleaners on the tree.  Each kid has their own 'Good deed manger" to fill each night, for the sake of clutter, I just put one here for our service. Even Brenden is a Saint in training and gets his own little manger and straw and baby Jesus.

My shelf, and those candle stick holders were Goodwill finds

Our creation ornaments we will be putting on our tree downstairs tomorrow evening. These are from our Jesse Tree ornament exchange I have been telling you about. I have some tutorials up on  here and here for you to make some real ones.

Our pre-lit fancy Jesse Tree. It was $20 at Walmart, I tried Craigslist, for a few weeks, but I was always too late ;)

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