Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Our Lady of Loreto- a Litany for this season.

**random thought after I made this post, I think Tomie DaPaola needs a book about this miracle**

The Feast Day of Our Lady of Loreto, is celebrated on December 10th. There are numerous miracles associated with this particular feast day. 

The house in which the Virgin Mary was born and where the Archangel Gabriel appeared to Mary, and where the Annunciation occurred, has been preserved and is located in Loreto, Italy. It is believed angels carried it there from the Holy Land to Italy. Yes, as crazy as that sounds, there is an eye witness account of angels placing it on a road in Italy by St. Nicholas of Tolentino. It is intact in one piece and has no foundation. There are even marks on it to suggest a way in which it was transported. Now you know how the Catholic Church confirms these relics and mysteries right? Miracles of course!! Well miracles kept happening when people went into the house and prayed. Of course there was a group sent back to the Holy Land to confirm the house was missing to begin with, and they found a foundation with exact measurements. Add the prayer to your Rosary on that important Feast day, or just say the prayer at dinner time as a family or say it as a Novena.

  The Litany is located on EWTN's website. It's easy to print out ;)

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