Sunday, December 1, 2013

Our magnetic dry erase planning calendar and our Saint magnets. Make them for gifts, a feast day project, or every day use.

 **I apologize for the terrible flash. Maybe if I get to be a better blogger I will invest in a better camera some day.

Not sure how many of you have dry erase planning calendars in your kitchen. I got one called The Hub by Fetco , this past summer in a huge organization kit for something around $15-$20 at Kohls- it was marked down a lot, I think around $70. 

  I put the main big dry erase calendar in our kitchen, there were other smaller planning boards included, a rectangular chalk board, a larger rectangular dry erase board and a square cork board. Plus a nice eraser, markers and chalk. One of the really neat features of this calendar is the magnetic surface. Brenden likes to use the rectangular dry erase board down stairs in school. 
(Normally the last week of the month I erase all the previous weeks and start the new month so they blend together in a weird backwards way- I was sick this week and here I am procrastinating doing a blog post for you, don't worry I have my regular planner wide open on the counter)

  So what's a mom to do with a cool magnetic surface?  Well if you look in that cool CHC book I recommended a few posts back here... it says in there on page 177 under "Making Catholic Games," make Saint magnets of course! 

  I have tons of Saint stickers from local bookstores and conferences luckily.  They sell these 365 Saints at our local Trinity Books- I saw them in there this summer, and I also saw them for sale at Sacred Heart (the out of town store) at the Catholic Family Conference.  

Seems they are printed not to far from home in, KC, MO.

  I bought a ton of Saint stickers, like these, and these , and these, that were made in, Italy, at the KC Homeschool conference as well, they were expensive there too. I saw just a few of those similar sheets of stickers at Sacred Heart Books here in Wichita, over there off Hydraulic (their website isn't working right now). . I am not sure the 365 Saints are still in print now actually, I saw somewhere they were being discontinued- maybe on their website. So get yours soon just in case. You can also make some really nice magnets out of any square shaped sticker though.

Magnetic sheets are $2.99 at Hobby Lobby. You don't need super strong magnets to do this project. That just makes them hard to pull off your surface they are stuck too. And make sure you take your 40% off Hobby Lobby coupon or smart phone coupon with you at check out. Make your kids run through line too  with their coupon and practice their math.

 I purchased the sticky back magnetic sheets (you can see in the picture above) at Hobby Lobby for around $2.99 (or less with coupons) and made magnets from them. 

Basically I stuck sticky side to sticky side. Why you ask do you trouble yourself with a sticky magnet when you already have a sticky sticker? Because you don't want them to peel after all your hard work. Believe me this takes a good hour to get a month done. So just do a few months and then give yourself some time off. I did mine last July and did September up through Dec. 12th. Now it's time to start again. You can even just get them laid out in the magnetic strips and then cut them later to save time.

So stick your sticker to the sticky side of the magnet very carefully. Each magnet will hold a different number of stickers. Then cut them into strips like this below.

And then cut them apart like these carefully. I bend my magnet right side up (meaning the apex of the "bend" is the good side with the picture) Then I can clearly see where I need to cut between the pictures.

An M&M for scale ;) can you tell we have left over Halloween candy?

Stick the magnets on each day of the month- be sure and buy a large enough board to accommodate your magnets and what you have to write in for your own schedule.  The one I have is perfect I can fit both. Store them in a snack size zip lock bag. You could label your bags for quicker identification. Give special magnets to friends or relatives for feast days and as gifts. Or make them a feast day project if you have party and a crowd. Those sheets of stickers have plenty to go around. 


  1. Should I modge podge over the sticker so that it doesn't peel off and is sticky child hands proof? llol


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