Thursday, December 26, 2013

Our No rehearsal Nativity Play..and a there is a video link.

  I started this post last weekend and did a smaller post about this earlier this week before Christmas. There is a video link in here of our Family's 2013 Nativity play. My kids were the only ones who tried on their costumes ahead of time.
  Last night after reading a couple of nativity books about St. Francis and the first Nativity and some other advent books- Genna wished out loud that we could do a Nativity play. So again referencing my super duper book of Liturgical ideas (Seriously I would get this book as a gift for ANY Catholic family), I said we sure can! We have all the pieces for the costumes from other Saint costumes. I even have a big brown horse that is now our donkey plus all the barn animals- from the kids stuffed animals box. I wrangled my brothers into the play, and my husband to be the Narrator. I believe my brother Jon's (who is Genna's Godfather) main motivation to be in the play is because he said he watched Duck Dynasty a few weeks ago and saw their Christmas play.  Now just as I am telling him what I need him to do, he sort of interupted me on the phone and wanted to be a Wiseman right away, and then proceeded with some Duck Dynasty imitation! lol  He even tracked down the Burger King Crowns for me! What a good brother!  So I am really glad I have these men in my life to help encourage our children with the real meaning of Christmas, even if the Wisemen were  Wise Guys. But hey, I threw a script at them and asked them to put on some silly costumes right when we walked in to my parents home. I was lucky I didn't get booed!(this is the video link) 
  Here's a play from that comes straight out the Gospel. You can cut the music, or keep it, just dink out the songs with a single hand on the piano. We rehearsed this morning, but the play was a little long because of the music so we cut it for the sake of squirmy kids. They kept wanting to play Mary and Joseph they loved it! I was so pleased at how quickly they learned. It's such an easy play.
  This one includes the Annunciation. I had to modify it so my brothers all could have a speaking part as Wisemen, we even named them with their real names and they speak of why they bear the gifts they do. I have one adult- my brother in law Kale, and his son Augustine who will have to fly by the seat of their pants on Christmas Eve with some easy parts. Kale is extremely talented though, he secretly is a rockstar guitar player and an awesome singer so I have confidence. They don't know yet and neither does my mom. I am trying to keep it hush hush so she can be surprised. (And they were surprised!)

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