Friday, December 6, 2013

Our St. Nicholas preparations, Crozier coffee cake for breakfast, peppermint hot cocoa

All these ideas came off of the St. Nicholas Center. Tonight we placed St. Nicholas on the table and lit our regular candles and said a beautiful Litany. Then we enjoyed a fantastic meal of plain ol' pizza! lol

Here's what we did this afternoon.

We made St. Nicholas peppermint cocoa mix. My husband got confused when he went to Walmart. He didn't get the canister of cocoa mix, he got pouches, but we used them..and yes we added more marshmallows to it because you can never have too many!  According to the St. Nicholas center St. Nick's favorite drink was hot chocolate.

Crushing Candy Canes.  Have you heard the Candy Cane Legend? 

                           Brenden's favorite part!

                                       Genna's hilarious! She said it was too loud!

                     Genna filled the jars.

Now to decorate the jars.


Stickers from our Grandma, she always stocks us well. She sent us some mini Candy Cane ornaments- perfect for this project!

Cut red ribbon slightly longer than your white pipe cleaner. Twist red ribbon around a white pipe cleaner, bend the ends up of the pipe cleaner to hold ribbon in place. Now it looks like a fuzzy Candy  Cane.

Put pipe cleaner around jar's mouth twist and curl the ends, slide the mini candy canes onto the red ribbon, add a pretty foam snowflake, tie a bow.

Onto the pretty Crozier Coffee Cake.  I think most people do Pampered Chef parties and know to use the Pillsbury Crescent rolls as a shortcut.  I will try the homemade dough sometime- when I am not so busy. I liked my before picture better than my after it baked picture- they get really large with the Pillsbury Crescent Rolls. But it maintained it's shape. I cannot wait to eat it in the morning!

I built up the side a bit to contain the cream cheese filling and cherries. I love Reynolds Parchment Paper by the way, it was handy with baking this thing.

And finally after Good deed mangers were filled, St. Nicholas stories were read, and bedtime prayers, I filled their shoes with some candy, holy cards, and a cute new Saint pencil for school.

Saint pencils

mmmm.. chocolate...


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