Monday, December 16, 2013

Pocket Chart of O Antiphons for your homeschool room.

  So the kids and I were sitting around eating dinner last night, lighting the Advent Wreath and it came to me. I needed to make O Antiphon calender cards for our family to slip into the pocket chart wall calender. So I came up made a Google document really fast of O Antiphons in Latin. (They can learn the English by heart on this one since it's one word and I want them to spell/pronounce the Latin correctly.)
  Each day they can put the correct O Antiphon in the pocket chart when the do the date and day of the week. This is their first year memorizing them, so it will take some practice. I borrowed an "Illuminated O" from Google Images to make them prettier and printed them on colored paper and of course I laminated them! (I am telling you- get the laminator, once you have one you will want to laminate everything.)

  You can even do double sided O Antiphons, to save paper and laminating sheets, put one on each side, or put an English translation on one side too. It's just another fun way to help keep the focus on Advent and NOT on Christmas celebrating. (I digress-I am not trying to sound like I am poo pooing people's Christmas cheer- we put our tree up this weekend.  We all have various valid reasons for when we put up decorations and do parties, but we really should strive to keep the focus on Advent and penitence and preparation, not celebration yet. Try and delay those activities- it really does change the perspective on Advent and Jesus' coming when you do. I am witness to that in our own family. Last year I sent Christmas cards after the 25th ;) )

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