Monday, December 9, 2013

2013 Saint peg doll exchange completed- check out these beautiful Saints!

For those who don't know I was in a wood peg doll exchange with 9 other people. My sister Mary set it up. We each had to create 10 of the same wood peg doll Saint we chose from a list. (Here's the one I did, if you missed the post)

These are the 9 Saints I received tonight. They are beautiful! I cannot believe all the talent we have in our little group. Mommies you did well! We already have a nice collection my sister started for us last year I will show off sometime. But for now, here's a few closeups of the beautiful Saints I received tonight.

Mother Teresa by Susie M., St. Rose of Lima by Maureen D., St. Lucy by Megan S.

going left to right

St. Ignatius by my sister Mary K., St. Dominic by Corinne M., St. Joseph by Cheryl R.

going left to right

 St. Teresa Benedicta by Erin G., St. Catherine of Sienna by Jenny W., St. Margaret Mary Alacoque by Sarah H.

Good job! Thank you all for taking the time to run with Mary's Saint Peg doll exchange and make it great for all of us. It was scary- probably for all of us, since it was our first time. My kids thought they were all so nice, it really brings the faith into our home just a little bit more. I appreciate every moment you all spent making it happen and sharing your talent with our family. Thank you, thank you, and God Bless you all this Advent Season.

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