Wednesday, December 4, 2013

(Sorry I accidently published my draft late last night) A simple craft for tiny tots, preschoolers, or elementary kids for Advent

I apologize. I did not mean to publish the page yet. I was drafting..yes at 1:20 AM, sorry! The publish and save button are side by side..problemo when your tired.

  Kids love candles! How fun was it when you were little to get to blow some candles out? And you know it's a big deal as a kid to get to light the Advent wreath and dinner and blow those tall slim purple and pink candles out. There was always a "discussion" about whose turn it was in our house growing up. And we definitely got in trouble for blowing each others candles out.
  Well make it more meaningful this Advent by giving each kid their own little candle. "This little light of mine, I'm going to let it shine" It will help resolve the big candle blowing out conflict with the Advent wreath. If you want to buy some pretty smelly Glade candles, great!  Or if you want to make a cute little candle holder and make it more personalized and special to them here are two ideas to fit different age groups. I would say this is appropriate for 1+ because even a 1 year old can stick a sticker on a jar with assistance from mommy. They want to be included too especially if they see an older sibling doing it. But use discretion when lighting the candle!!

  **My kids have the baby food jars and the big mason jars, I think they prefer their little baby food jars just because they like little things.**

Craft #1 Star on the Jar candle/ tea light 
 baby food jars- lick them clean- jk, wash it out! (remove labels)
 tea lights

Craft #1 Star on the Jar
  Get a baby food jar, remove labels (just buy some baby food if you have to- it's cheap, eat it and wash it out). Get some star stickers and have your little one stick a new star sticker to the jar each night up until Christmas. My son's preschool class did this (he was in a preschool a whole one semester), I think the idea was a good idea to share again. He really seemed to enjoy it.  Since the stars are so little I would just do a baby food jar on this and skip the large Mason jar.

Craft #2 Tissue paper tea light 
  clean baby food jars (remove labels), you can also do a large Mason or canning jar
  tissue paper- pick some winter colors
  mod podge
  tea lights
  paint brush for mod podge application

Craft #2 Tissue Paper Tea light
  Also consider maybe mod podging a baby food jar. (Mod Podge is basically just glorified glue, so put a place mat or plate that can be washed under everything.) If you do it in the morning it will be dry by evening most likely in time for dinner.
 Cut strips or squares of tissue paper out- depending on the size of your jar. Apply some mod podge onto the jar where the tissue paper will be placed. Then carefully have your child put the tissue paper on the gooey area. Go all the way around the jar, when you are through, you can mod podge and extra coat on top of the whole jar. Don't go heavy, it will lengthen the dry time.

Stick a tea light in it. You can wrap some pretty tinsel and wire around the lid to make it match the season.

  We also found a cute candle snuffer at the Goodwill when we did our Catholic cleanup the other month. I love the candle snuffer. I would not have even thought to look for one, except my son Knox said,  "Hey mom, get this thing that puts the candles out, then we can have Catechesis at home like Cheryl. We have one in Catechesis to put out the candles." (Cheryl I hope you are reading this) I thought...ding more wax accidents onto or at the table. I think lots of Catholics can relate to blowing hot wax from lit candles incidents ;) The kids love it too, I think they feel like altar servers. It just adds to the nostalgia we all are experiencing during Advent as a family.

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