Monday, December 30, 2013

Thanks to all our Godparents, and a visit from Knox's Godfather, Derek (and wife Sarah)

   Derek is Knox's Godfather. He is the brother to my daughter Genna's Godmother, Anna. I posted her picture back over Genna's birthday. No family resemblance as you can see if you check, lol. They are a huge cradle Catholic clan. Derek went partially through the seminary and then joined WPD where I reconnected with him and he made friends with my future husband Brad. Matter of fact two of Derek's other brothers have and will be exploring the seminary. Someone in that family is being called to the priesthood I think! Derek popped in during two of my delivery's at 3 am at the hospital. I wasn't thrilled at the time, as I was deep in labor and waiting for my epidural both times. I look back and laugh now! He was always cheerful and was a great relief to Brad. Derek was that special friend to Brad, and really lifted him up when he was around. As an outside observer to their friendship, I could see my future husband needed a friend like him, especially given the occupation they are in. 
  Last week- we were so lucky, Derek's wife, Sarah, called me and after a bit of calling back and forth to get a time when we were home for the day (errands and stuff), we were able to see Derek and Sarah for a few mins. Knox really appreciated him stopping by in person, it means a lot to kids to have a special visitor. I think a lot of Godparents do not realize the impact they have on young children, and really throughout their lives. Being there for them through birthdays and holidays, Sacraments and other special events is so important. The prayers they offer up for their Godchildren are so necessary as well, being real examples of living a Catholic life (the Catholic Church requires they remain in good standing  ( not breaking the Ten Commandments- read the Catechism and Cannon laws on Godparents). Godparents aren't just your best drinking buddy at the time, it's a lifetime commitment to prayer and offering sacrifices up for your Godchildren. they become family. My Godfather was always there for me, even now I only live up the road and still communicate with my Godcousins and him. I am very very thankful for the good example all my children's Godparents have set. LOL So this isn't putting pressure on them ;)
  By the way, Genna's Godfather is my brother Jon and Knox's Godmother is my sister Mary who I always mention on here- yea the one that's mentioned a zillion times. You will get to meet Brenden's Godparents later this week. A big thank you too all my children's Godparents for the time you have given us away and with us. God Bless you! We love you very much!

*It is tradition for Catholic Godparents to be thanked by their Godchildren on New Years day. An open house and godcakes can be given and served in as the Godparents stop in to visit- if a recent visit hasn't occurred yet it's good to get in touch again. The Godchildren's mother assists them in making initial cookies and a beer blessing is given and pretzels served to the adults and punch to the children. For more details visit here.

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