Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Two Wisemen and a Crusader. Why all you Catholic Mom's need to visit Catholic Toolbox's blog

I love my laminator, if you didn't read my earlier post on laminating- there is it. One of my biggest favoritest blogs is The Catholic Toolbox. Just click on it real quick and scan and come back here and finish reading.....I am waiting...go ahead.

 Anyway, see what I mean? Did you see the Catholic Games tab? There are amazing homemade folder games you can print off. They are complete with instructions and a game board and cards. I made a ton of them last fall and had them all laminated in time for Easter. My kids never really get tired of them. We have lots of regular games too...but these are very very special. I am relearning stuff I have forgotten, (there is a game on manners too btw). There is a great great variety of game for Holy Week. Get started now printing and laminating so they are ready by Lent. It will take some time.

Genna's favorite game.

Two Wisemen and a Crusader

Some of our games

Yup it takes time to print and laminate and cut stuff out. But we have had hours of fun! It's soo soo worth it. Print on card stock, laminate, and use glue dots to stick them into a plastic file folder. You can take them too the Parent Teacher Resource Center and laminate them a lot faster than you can at home probably, but it's up to you. They have game supplies at the center, like dice. 

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