Sunday, December 29, 2013

Yup, keep up those decorations cause its still Christmas, Epiphany Party ideas.

  All good Catholics know what the Advent Season is and when the Christmas season actually starts. And a few know that in the Eastern Church they exchange their gifts on the Epiphany. That's when their big celebration is. Us western Catholic's celebrate primarily on Christmas. You will find a lot of other countries do gift exchanges on Epiphany as well. Don't you love rebelling against mainstream culture? One way to keep on rebelling against the retailers and other people who like to be uninformed about the Christmas season is to have an Epiphany party!  Oh join the party here on this blog too!
  Here's some ideas.

1. Make some crowns for everyone! Make them from card stock, go to Burger King and politely ask for a few and decorate those ;)

2. Make a King's Cake. This is just a cake with a porcelain baby Jesus baked inside. You can be as elaborate or as simple as you want. Give the person who gets the baby Jesus a second helping! (Substitute a dry bean if your unsure) See if you can find a way to make a crown out of the cake. I have seen some good crown cakes on the Internet.

3. You can have another gift exchange. Don't go overboard, maybe stick to religious items for the gift exchange too. Remember we are counter cultural, we don't really need more dump trucks and Hello Kitty's.

4. Have you been moving your Wisemen still? Ours have traversed all over the house. I laugh every time I see them in a different place, clearly my kids are having fun with this.

5. Have a three Kings procession around the house, make sure you have your gifts of gold, Frankincense and Myrrh with you- you can buy them on Holy Heroes website.  Burn that incense.  I saw the idea for camel races- just a piggy back ride on dad ;) I suppose you can make Dad part of the procession. Have someone carry a star and follow the star.

6.  Why not make up a game about the 3 Kings. You can do trivia questions about them, when they were given names. Maybe even have a hide and seek with the figurines of the 3 Kings. Learn about Psalm 71.

7. Make crown sugar cookies and decorate them!

8. I see every country seems to have a special raisin or nut bread recipe they call Epiphany Bread or Kings bread. If you are sick of sweets try that instead of cake or cookies, and put a bean or baby Jesus inside of it.

9. There are several blessings outside the traditional Epiphany Blessing for the home and Blessing of Chalk,  are the Blessing of Gold and Frankincense and Myrrh, the Blessing of Bread, of Eggs and of Salt, and the Blessing of Water.

10. Read a book about the Epiphany. How about Story of the Three Wise Kings- Paola
Or read from Joy to the World- Paola (has the three wise kings in it).

11. Find and print out a coloring page for your kids.

12. Make Lambswool! You know that song here we come a wassailing?  Learn what that means!

13. Save your stockings- the presents inside them for Epiphany. (came from a suggestion by reader B. Mohr)

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