Sunday, December 28, 2014

accidently came across a song tonight

  I am looking for a Baptismal day gift for my daughter Genevieve...who's feast day is Jan. 3rd- also her baptismal day ;)  Anyway, found this country song about one of St. Genevieve's miracles- totally random.
 Here's the lyrics and here's the song on Spotify. I think her Godfather Uncle Jon can learn this on the guitar for her ;)  No pressure dude...hurry up though her feast day is soon.  And if you want to know what this miracle is here's info on it- part of ebook preivew. She held back the waters of the Seine River in December of 1206 in Paris. (page 32- keep reading past 41) and there are many many more water miracles dealing with the flooding of Paris, where she was invoked and miracles occurred. Very interesting...sort of a fun thing to learn!

Saturday, December 27, 2014

please pray for us

I apologize for the lack of posts as of late. I hope everyone has had a Merry Christmas so far! There has obviously been a lot of great feast days and a lot of celebrating we have missed. All of our family got hit with a terrible severe cold and coughing since about the first Friday of December- the night I went out with my Familia group, the coughing is so severe you lose control of other functions and the fevers were 103 degrees. The kids just recovered from it this week around Sunday and Monday- that's when I last heard them cough. We missed two weeks of school- I think I posted on here about it a few weeks ago. We actually schooled up through Dec. 24th morning to help catch up. Unfortunately looks like my cough hasn't gone away and seems a little stronger in the last two days- probably due to lack of sleep- I am hoping I am not getting something new and scarier. 
As of Christmas Eve, my two sons have a severe influenza- involving complete loss of bowl control and throwing up- so it can be a bit of a nightmare. Fortunately their fevers have been mostly under 100 degrees or registering at normal body temps around 97 to 98 degrees, but their torso's feel extremely hot to touch as do their arms. Its very bizarre- the fever is localized I guess to the midsection. We are being good at maintaining good sense of humors and trying to offer up the misery for a special intention. I also sliced the back of my hand open with a pair of scissors Christmas Eve trying to open a toy train- I opted not to go to the ER- and fortunately the wound is sticking together right now thanks to some tight bandages. There are presents and toys still in their packages because the little boys who they now belong don't feel like playing with them yet- let alone get out of bed. Please pray for this plague to end in our house. I am happy though that there probably isn't much else out there that we can catch right now- it could be worse..we haven't caught ebola right? ;)

Sunday, December 14, 2014

O Antiphon prayer cards for an oratory or prayer table

Hey what's new?!  Guess what, we're still sick- ahhhh! And Genna is now sick..bummer, she made it 7 days with out getting ill! That's quite a long time. Well anyway, the kids and I played with the Cricut my mother-in-law gave us. It was really hard to focus on the task since we are all sort of slowed down, thinking of what colors matched or what picture to put on them. The kids all helped vote stuff or veto stuff, and glue dot stuff and use the paper cutter- they love that thing. (You can tell what came from the Cricut most likely)

Some things like the manger, the crown, and the key are raised with the foam dots. Some of our O's made onto the paper in different directions- but it's an O- so O WELL ;)

The Good Shepherd prayer card was Genna's doing. She didn't want to cut off Jesus' feet- she was really worried, so we just made a large card and it really does look good!

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Starboys set and Lucy crown from Scandinavia

If you aren't feeling crafty or have the time (cause time is precious this month) and want to celebrate St. Lucy's feast day. There are options to buy the St. Lucy feast day items on Amazon.

Starboy Hat and Star Set

 Starboys hat and star set (really cheap considering)

Lucia Crown
            The Lucia Crown

LA Linen™ 6x104-Inch Satin Sash, Pack of 1. Red. Made In USA

          You can even buy the red sash. I couldn't find a white dress immediately, but a oversized white t-shirt will do, maybe last years white Easter dress too?

Friday, December 12, 2014

St. Lucy's Feast Day, free audio pod cast of a great book too

  Saint Lucy is such a great Saint for this time of year. Lucy means "light".  Light in the winter darkness, leading us to find Christ at Christmas.  
I don't think we will be able to do much feasting in the morning unfortunately due to illness. You should have seen the kids little faces- so sad! We can't have hot chocolate and I am too wiped to make any sort of bread- let alone eat it.  I promised them when we all felt better we would have a proper St. Lucy feast day breakfast party. But at the request of the kids I got their costumes out and I also set out their little surprise. I got them Playmobil star boys and half made a St. Lucy doll out of a Playmobil angel- who has a white robe and gold stars.

St. Lucy with her homemade belt and head wreath and her cat buns!

The "star boys"

I posted last year about our celebrations here and made a tutorial for the head wreath if you want to check it out. Also I included this info below in another post, about a book that might be kind of hard to get now.

This is a link to a podcast of one of the St. Lucy books we own- made in 2009. The book Lucia Saint of Light, was recommended on our MODG syllabus. It is an Orthodox sight fyi..but I love the audio books!

Santa Lucia Ora Pro Nobis!

Our Lady of Guadalupe- Ora Pro Nobis!

Want to hear a feel good story?

We have been so sick here, it's not even  possible to keep up with anything Advent or Christmas related, let alone eat together or even take a proper shower and brush our hair. It's been a full week of quality TV though- we have watched a lot of saint movies and Duck Dynasty and Peppa Pig ;) I though I would mention the big white candle with Our Lady of Guadalupe in the middle of the Advent Wreath in the picture way below.

A little more than a year ago Brenden who was crawling in our (other house) kitchen decided to put a piece of clear plastic cellophane in his mouth. He had never ever picked anything up off the floor before to eat- none of my kids ever put tiny objects or picked up the little crumbs to taste test. This was a rare event for us to begin with. My husband who is not Catholic (or even really claims anything) scooped Brenden up when we realized he was in distress. And began slapping the heck out of his back holding him down into the kitchen sink. The choking seemed to go on and on. I was ready to call 911. Brenden's eyes were rolling back. He wasn't blue that I can remember but I know he looked pale and he was limp in Brad's arms. My husband is a police officer should know what to do right? We learn infant choking and CPR in our training. What seemed to be a half hour, was really just minutes, but very very long minutes. My other two kids and I watched Brad helplessly hold Brenden and I kept pushing the numbers for 911 and then would wait
(why I couldn't call for help- I don't know), we prayed desperately and quietly while we watched. Suddenly Brad reached out and grabbed that big candle off my window sill, to show to Brenden. Brenden reached his little hand out and touched the image of Our Lady of Guadalupe. And at that instant- I mean that very second, he choked up the cellophane into the sink. Before any of us could even react, Brad shouted out, "Did you see that!? HE TOUCHED HER PICTURE AND THE PLASTIC CAME OUT!" I went and grabbed Brenden from Brad and hugged him. Brad was bent the sink like he was out of breath and stunned.

Now I said at the beginning we have watched TV all week, haven't eaten, been just barely getting by here due to the flu. Brad was required to work the airplane crash security last night- he was still sick, so he wasn't home. I didn't mention to Brad who's feast day was today, the Knox and Genna and I actually watched the CCC movie yesterday late afternoon and I gave them their Guadalupe dolls last night before bed. I didn't even think to get out the candle to light it- since we aren't eating meals at the table. We have three gallons of milk going to waste!

Today, while I was catching up some bills- Brenden kept harassing me over my checks- printed on them are Our Lady of Guadalupe images. I knew he liked the picture but dismissed it, I just kept shooing him off because he kept trying to grab my checks while I was writing. He wanted to tell me about the picture apparently and kept making weird noises crinkling his nose that sounded like a pig half grunting or choking or coughing. I was thinking to my self we had watched too much Peppa Pig this week- the grunting was really good- especially since his voice is raspy from the cold. Then after being very insistent and grabby, I tore a check off for him, so he could write daddy a check- he worked on that check for at least a good thirty minutes.
 Brad (who is oblivious to all feast day related things) says, "You know why he is drawn to the picture Shannon?" I said "Ya, he recognizes it's Our Lady of Guadalupe." (inside I was thinking yea, duh- Brenden knows his saints- not thinking of the choking incident) Brad says, "Because that's the image on the candle he touched when he was choking on that piece of plastic, don't you remember back at the other house?"  
I said, "It's her feast day today." The response "Oh really"- but with a panic look on his face- I am not sure why that look, but when you get to know your spouse, you see those funny looks they sometimes get.

We did get out the candle and tonight, we lit it while we said our bedtime prayers.

Our Lady of Guadalupe pray for us!

{If you want to make these little dolls, here's a close up of the mini ones. I also made my niece a large one for her birthday. Here's a close up of the St. Juan Diego peg doll}

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Presenting the 2014 Saint peg doll exchange!

My apologies- for not having this up sooner. I am in the middle of battling the flu with our entire household AND our sewer backed up too- leaking all over the basement- so much was covered....gross. ANYWAY- We exchanged our Saint peg dolls during CGS. Three were not able to come- so look for those pictures later- I hear they are really cute!

(In order left to right)
Juan Diego, St. Agnes, St. Francis, St. Clare, St. Matthew, St. Luke, St. Helena
(in order made by from left to right)
Emily ,Christine, Shannon, Corinne, Jenny, Stacy, Maureen

St. Juan Diego

St. Agnes and St. Francis
(mine was St. Francis- St. Agnes (by Christine) makes me ashamed of his simple stick figure

St. Clare, St. Matthew

St. Luke (with the ox) and St. Helena

Don't forget to check back for the ones that are missing!

Monday, December 8, 2014

Prayer cards for use during the liturgical year.

Our CGS teacher- Cheryl, gave us parents a handout with Advent ideas on it. One that we haven't done yet in our home was the use of prayer or scripture cards for the prayer tables or Advent wreath (basically put them where you feel they will be seen and used).  I love Isaiah- it sort of gets me excited to hear the prophecies- my kids have caught onto it too. 
I also checked Pinterest for cards an found a few examples. So this is what I worked on for a bit tonight. My mother in law gave us a Cricut machine- she has upgraded her system ;) and although I have no room, (and I am really stuck because of the icing printer now too) we have been enjoying it very much! I cut my star out on it ;) I am a little paralyzed by all the choices still- but I am narrowing things down to use- I hope.

I did use a gold paint pen, and it's very hard to control the flow on them- so it looks very hand made due to the extra leaking- but I doubt my kids will care. I am not quite done yet, I have several more to work on another night this week.

I was thinking maybe even Saint quotes for important feast days- like All Saints or All Souls day, or The Immaculate Conception etc... I could stick them out with my Saint peg dolls on the prayer table.
If there is a few interested this could easily turn into a prayer card exchange- it's probably an easier way- because you have to buy just a few of the same supplies for one card rather than buy supplies for designing several different cards. Check back for the rest later!

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Happy feast of St. Nicholas! Feast new love- edible Holy Card Cookies!

My latest love for Feast Day parties...Holy Card Sugar Cookies.

Yes, I know it's sloppy- I was pressed for time, we had to get kids to grandmas to babysit and I had to pick up a birthday cake and meet my Familia group for appetizers and a drink.

We took major short cuts this afternoon- like I said we were busy.  I even used premixed sugar cookie mix- where you just add the egg and butter and flour as needed. 
I think I measured them at 3x4 1/2" or so, I don't have a cookie cutter for this size or shape- don't laugh I had to measure with a ruler. 
Next I printed out the holy card I wanted on my edible paper- I got the printer and supplies this afternoon and had it set up in about 30 mins.

I cut up the sheets.

 I put buttercream icing on the cookies and stuck the holy cards to them. I was pressed for time tonight, so no frosting decorating gun.

Brenden's special cookie- it was an odd leftover.

I made two candy cane shaped, cherry cream cheese breakfast treats. They sort of are like a Bishop's Crozier.


They poof out quite a bit, so it's good to keep them skinny if you cheat like me and use Pillsbury Cresent rolls- the Pampered Chef Recipe.

Some toys and candy canes and a Cutie!

They tried to set a warning system for St. They told our neighbor girl about it- I am pretty sure when she repeats it back to her parents they will think we are strange over here! LOL!

 We also made St. Nick's candy cane cocoa.

we pulled out our art supplies

  made some tags

 Clearance item last year at Walmart $1 each!


too much fun!

St. Nicholas Pray For Us!

My oldest just ran down the hall at 1:20 AM to see if they caught St. I slide the laptop here under my covers...and spied! TOO FUNNY!

Friday, December 5, 2014

Burgess' books and Advent Calendar animals. Beatrix Potter-Free Squirrel Nutkin, Jemima Puddleduck and many more Kindle download link.

Have you had an opportunity to read Thornton Burgess' books? They are pretty old stories, we have read several of his stories about the animals in the green forest and the green meadows. We noticed that our Playmobil Advent Calendars matched up with Thornton Burgess' book and Beatrix Potter's books too- bottom of the page. 

Mr Tod (the fox) and Mr. Brock (the badger) have a quarrel. The trick Mr. Tod tried to play on Mr. Brock made my kids laugh.

We have a lot more animals to play with as Advent goes on. Peter Rabbit and a few other rabbits, Raccoons, Hooty the Owl, Sammy Jay, Headbanger woodpecker, Reddy Fox and some other foxes, they all go along with our books. It makes the playtime more fun. The kids listen to the audio books on Librivox and play with their sets.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Ever try this set of Advent candles?

Genna had no trouble rolling- she's almost 5. She plays with play dough a lot- that might be why.

   This Illuminated Ink craft is recommended for 1st graders to do in the MODG 1st grade syllabus, lucky for me I found ONE in Kansas City at the homeschool conference this summer from Linda at Sacred Heart Books and Gifts. I was relieved to see Holy Heroes promoting it, because we already had it in hand when my kids said...."ewww- fun!" I got into my art armoir and I whipped it out and they were like, " WHOA MOM! You're our hero."  
   Okay, maybe the hero part is my exaggeration...anyway, we worked on them this past weekend after Thanksgiving and then had them blessed over the weekend with our other candles. They are 100% beeswax, and that means they burn really really fast, so get some of the other Advent candles too so you aren't breaking the bank- they were $17 I think, (I went through the Goodwill's this summer and rounded up Advent candles in their candle boxes. I got several sets for less than $4)  perhaps if you have bees you make your own candles? I can't claim I have ever made candles before- but I am sure it's fun. This box set has the Advent Wreath blessing included and the reason the Church uses beeswax. Beeswax is the purest and sweetest- like Christ's own flesh, it burns smokeless. The wick is His soul and the flame is His divinity.

Happy Advent!