Monday, January 20, 2014

A Catholic Missionary homeschooling family in need of prayers and support

I went to hear a missionary family talk tonight at St. Jude- the Bailey family! The Bailey's 

had 12 children and grew up alongside our family at St. Jude. One of their sons, Donovan 

married a beautiful girl named Blair and they have 4 kids now. They truly get Pope Francis' 

message to the world. Before the Pope's new Evangelli Gaudium came out they were 

praying for their family's mission to be revealed not even realizing this was on their radar. 

This family truly is an example for everyone to hear about! 

One thing that Blair spoke about is being unburdened and giving it all to God, I get it, 

sounds so wonderful! (ie like worrying about a house payment, or how to find a doctor, or

whether or not there is hot water-cause there is not hot water!) They are off to fortify the

Catholic Church. The Catholic Church has need of missionaries everywhere. One wonders

why is some normal American family off doing this? Because there are no others to be sent!

 They need donations but mostly prayers. 

People don't realize there are so so many countries with a good Catholic foundation- but 

they are not catechized completely. Basically in blunt terms, the other 

organization's missionaries come in and water down the faith and teachings and 

pretty soon have 10 different faiths and everyones confused on the truth. 

Please pray for them and please pray for the foothold the

 Catholic Church established long before to be built on by good Catholic missionaries.

This is their blog if you want to read up on how they homeschool 

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