Saturday, January 4, 2014

Brenden's Godparents, my sister Erin and husband Nate

We celebrated the Epiphany tonight. It worked out my parents, brother Nathan was still in town, Nate- my brother-in-law from, North Carolina, was in town till tomorrow morning, and my friend Cheryl (whom gets mentioned on here enough) agreed to bring her crew and husband Seth. Nate is married to my littlest sister Erin. They are world travelers, they lived in Guam, traveled all over the southern half of the world. He's in the Marine Corp and has done his time overseas serving our country. Nate is 100% Marine, we are all very proud of his accomplishments.  My sister and him are Brenden's Godparents (I will have to dig out more photos from the vacation in Florida of them). More photos of Uncle Nate in the Epiphany party post. 

Here's my sister, from an earlier visit this year (I think, I can't keep track of when stuff is anymore- I am seriously getting old and the kids keep my mind scattered- I am sure my siblings are like...seriously? But until they have kids, they won't get it...big sis her losing her mind)

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