Saturday, January 4, 2014

Epiphany Party! (I will post the link up after this post)

  We celebrated the Epiphany tonight. It worked out my parents, brother Nathan was still in town, Nate- my brother-in-law from, North Carolina, was in town till tomorrow morning, and my friend Cheryl (whom gets mentioned on here enough) agreed to bring her crew and husband Seth.  Unfortunately my sister Mary was not able to make it. Poor Genna wouldn't admit she had fun before bedtime because she was lamenting Augustine's absence. It was funny. 
  Here's some pictures. Oh funny story, on the way to my house, apparently Nate's flight back to NC got cancelled, so my parents dropped him off at the airport so he could work a deal. So they arrived without him. After about 20 mins they went back and he was done, but his next available flight is Tuesday!! The man got snowed in here in Kansas! CRAZY! Of course my awesome husband was working tonight. And my dad had left to get Nate again, so Seth was kind enough to read the Epiphany blessing. It was getting late and everyone was famished- it was around 7 pm. I will put up our house blessing tomorrow after our chalk gets blessed. (and yes I forgot, it's 2014 on my Copyright lol)

Then Uncle Nate arrived after trying to fix cancelled airline flight.

Then we ate some lasagna and salad and drank some lambswool. It didn't turn out perfect but this was our first time- we will perfect. It's very sweet actually, I liked it. My apples weren't mushy enough I think applesauce would be ok to use as a short cut. My brother tried to get it whisked too and it didn't get frothy, I am guessing it was the choice of ale (like I said- it will be better next time)

My brother Nathan finished the Lambswool for us. Of course get the college student to take care of the beer! (Yes two uncle Nate's, never thought I would have two brother's with the same name).

Cheryl and Uncle Nate helping with crowns. We used jewels and Glue Dots.

Boy these are some cuties! Yea the boys are wiseguys though! lol! They marched around the living room and kitchen singing "We Three Kings of Orient"

Genna made the King's crown for our cake earlier today.

GOLD GLITTER! Perfect for a King's Cake! We sang Happy Birthday to Jesus and blew out his candles. And served up the cake.

Waiting to see who got the walnut

The walnut fell out from between Uncle Nate's piece and Genna's second piece into the cake dish. Uncle Nate spotted it and picked it up. It was covered with cake and probably would have been overlooked. So really no one won it this year since it didn't get bitten into and the gaping holes where between two pieces. Hopefully next year someone will have a surprise chomp into it. It was pretty excited..the kids were all chatting it up and eager to see who got it. They all had seconds and thirds just to figure out where that walnut went!

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