Saturday, January 4, 2014

Epiphany Party Preps

    Right now, I am busy decorating the King's Cake I made yesterday. I stuck a walnut in Betty Crocker cake mix- done. Yea, it's that simple. I chose the rainbow chip cake mix- reminded me of jewels for a crown for the KING!  
We are having some company for our party which now it's supposed to snow, I hope this snow holds off till later. I will post pictures of our little party later. 
My mom has some wonderful memories of King's Cakes she had in France while she lived abroad. Their main gift exchange and celebration at the time was the Epiphany. They didn't do Santa Claus- that's an American thing of recent history. Yup, and if you think Christmas is not a Catholic Holiday think again. The Catholic Church established the Christmas Feast day long long ago. People admired our decorating and traditions so much they have borrowed it- it's become very commercialized in the US in the last century. Even when the Protestants split off they still kept Catholic holidays and traditions. They were much more Catholic than Protestants today. 
Think about what you're saying when you say Christmas- take a look at the actual meaning of the word, Christ-mas. Yes, we also know that Christmas isn't Jesus' actual birth. No one really knows that date. But Christmas was and will always be a celebration of Christ's birth. The world can try and take our Feast Day and create a materialistic debacle out of it, but as long as there are families like mine around, we'll see to it that the real meaning of Christmas is preserved.

Oh mom we love licking the bowl! MMM....

Where's the walnut? I know where it landed in the But do you? And now I have no idea- so don't worry I wont cheat!

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