Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Here's some funny ones for you, Duck Dynasty Surprise party!

We have been a bit busy around here in the last few weeks. We had my husband's birthday, then the next day my brother's birthday, followed by eye appointments with Knox, numerous back and forth calls with insurance company (arguing over eye therapy- lack of coverage), a trip to KC for a surprise party for my brother's 30th birthday, and then back full force to school to be followed up by our closest friends and neighbor's death. Jim had been suffering from cancer,and it came on very quickly and severely. Just two weeks ago he was alert and talking, so when it went downhill it was fast. We are anxiously getting through this week giving our support to our neighbor till we say goodbye to Jim on Friday. Jim is not Catholic, so please pray for the repose of his soul with us. Here's some pictures from our surprise 30th Birthday for Jon my brother. We had a Duck Dynasty themed party! It was great, we went to Mass, the Bass Pro shop in KC, and also took the kids to Lego Land (glorified McDonald's playground) and we also saw my brother's office- which is smack center of downtown KC.

Yup- miracle we were all looking! 


My parents (My awesome mom coordinated this whole thing!)

Knox and Jon (my my son can grow a beard!)

Genna and the Beardos!

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